3D Printing Manchester

3D Printing Manchester - What objects can you bring to life?
How would you like to download an office desk or a new watch strap?

An actual 3d printed object that will fit in your office or living room. The idea of this will redefine the way we think about product design, manufacturing, innovation and so much more. A 3d printer would use very thin layers of plastic, as thin as a sheet of standard copy paper which can amazing build an object before your very eyes. This only uses what is needed unlike with ordinary manufacturing you have all the extra parts to be cut away and wasted.

You can now print things made out of glass, metal, food and even organs. Yes human tissue. The possibilities become limitless. We are now customising our lives so we can print almost anything we want. Some design skills are required but even more so is creative skills. Imagine designing a product or prototype and have it in your hands in just a few hours. The thought of this is hard to believe. All this is happening right now and is only the beginning of this complex technology

3d printing is a clean technology for one off unique products

Wear it
Customise your clothes and accessories so your the only one on the planet wearing them.

Use it
If you beak something and need a to order a new part then just print a new one.

Build it
Some companies have built a full house using 3D printers with quick dry cement as ink.

Things are moving much quicker than we think. As above, companies are creating houses made from used building materials and quick dry cement as ink. Eventually we will be able to make moving parts like a prosthetic leg, cogs and gears maybe one day print another printer.


On the opposite end, objects can be printed very small. Chemists have started to print as small as 285 micro metres which is smaller than a grain of sand to recreate chemicals. With the aim to use organic molecules as ink. Trillions of these molecules could be used to create drugs to cure diseases. 3d printing is definitely happening so what will you print?






Flyer printing and printing in Manchester

Flyer Printing & Design, Brochure Design & Printing + Logo Design

Final Print graphic design and print services offer a fast, professional and creative solution for all of your design and printing needs. 

Established in 2004 and based in central Manchester, Final Print design studio provides a one-stop shop for everything from flyer printing and brochure printing to web design and sign making. If you need it designed or printed, we've got it covered.

We cover all over the UK from Manchester Central, North Manchester, Cheshire and Stockport to Leeds, Birmingham, London and surrounding areas. With our low cost delivery service we can delivery orders directly to you.

How does it work?

Final Print offers a 'front of house' service, which means that you can speak face-to-face with one of our highly trained graphic designers to ensure that you get great results that exceed expectations. We offer different packages depending on what you need, but each package lets us take your ideas and use them to create a complete and distinct corporate identity or brand image.

We have the skills and the resources to design and print anything that you might need to brand or advertise your business, and we've worked with a wide range of clients ranging from charities to corporate business clients - our designers thrive on new challenges and our diverse client list!

Our graphic designers work alongside you at all stages of the project, from undertaking detailed planning and research to get the right design and brand image for you, to making sure that your project stays within the agreed budget but meets all of your expectations. Final Print is there every step of the way.

Logo Design, Flyer Printing and Brochure Printing

We specialise in logo design and brochure design. As well as poster printing and flyer printing, but we also offer design and print work for:

Business stationery


Banner printing

Menu printing

Stickers & labels

Logo design & Graphic design

T-shirt printing and garment printing


Order of service printing

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