Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions

It is your responsibility to carefully read the legal terms on our Website and there are any problems then raise them with us before you place your Order.

Note: All prices are for printing only. There is an aditional cost for design services.


  1. Artwork check list

All artwork is printed in CMYK and We are unable to accept Artwork in RGB mode. Any such Artwork will be automatically converted into CMYK mode. We will not accept any liability for any possible colour variations occurring as a result of such conversion.


Any additional costs incurred by us as a result of Artwork not complying with the Format Requirements shall be your responsibility. We will, where reasonably possible inform you by e-mail in advance of any such additional costs.


Before you upload your artwork please check the following details.

To ensure there are no issues with your print job.


·      File type: jpeg, PDF, TIFF

·      Set your document to the correct size

·      If printing multiple pages then make sure document is in the correct running order.

·      CMYK colour

·      3mm crop marks

·      3mm safe area

·      Minimum resolution 300dpi

·      Fonts: embedded


Alternately you can get your file check service by one of our service team. (to find this, follow through to the check out details and tick ‘File Checker’). (see section 1.1 & 1.2)

You can get in touch with our customer service if you need more help.


If your artwork does not comply with the format requirements then we will give you the option to:

  1. have the artwork adjusted by us (to the extent where this is possible) to fit the requirements. (see artwork checker)
  2. To resubmit the correct file(s)
  3. To instruct us to proceed with your order, on the basis that the incorrect files have been submitted by you.
  4. For the ‘BASIC’ file checking service we will:

·      Check the correct page and bleed size

·      Check that no images are missing

·      Go to print if these items are ok



  1. For the ‘PREMIUM’ file checker we will:

·      Check the correct page and bleed size

·      Check that no images are missing

·      Upto 1 hours artwork adjustment 

o   Adjust type, text or colour changes (where possible)

·      Go to print if these items are ok




All artwork must be confirmed before we send your order to print.


  1. We will not:

·      Check spelling

·      Refund or reprint the file, if it fails as a result of not following all of the advice provided to you here on our terms and conditions.

If you do not use our file checking or graphic design service then We will not accept any responsibility or liability for any colour variations, irregularities or other defects whatsoever of the Products ordered by you which are caused as a result of your Artwork not complying with the Format Requirements such as any graphics and images, colours and colour mode, cut, fonts, lines, saving Artwork and transferring information which are stated in our Customer Information

General information

Our information and pricing is not contractual offers from us which you may accept. This means we reserve the right to correct any errors in that information without any liability to you. It also means that in no circumstances will we be contractually bound to supply you with Products on the basis of any incorrect information, even if that information is repeated in your offer to us.

Please note that our Website is intended for customers within the United Kingdom and we will therefore not accept ‘print’ Orders from customers outside the United Kingdom. If you are from outside the United ~Kingdon then you may further use our Website to place Orders through our order form. You cannot place orders if you are under the age of 18.

You will be responsible for selecting the Products you wish to buy and for supplying and maintaining all your contact information. This includes a functioning e-mail address, your delivery address, for telling us how you wish to pay and for giving us any other information we request to enable us to complete your Order and comply with the Contract agreement. All information you submit to us must be up to date, relevant, adequate and accurate.

You may pay by Pay Pal online or by any other means as set out on our Website. All major credit cards accepted.

Once you have completed your Order, you will be shown a copy on screen. It is your responsibility to carefully check your Order to identify and correct any errors prior to placing your Order. The Website allows you to edit, cancel or add to your order. Then you can complete your order.


Please Wait for our Acceptance email sent to you of your Order.


Please do not assume we have accepted your Order until we send you an acceptance in electronic form (”Acceptance email”). Only if and when you receive our Acceptance email will we have made a binding legal Contract with you that your work is sent to print.


If you pay by credit or debit card by using the pay pal option described on our Website, you may receive an acknowledgement from our payment processor, who will advise you whether your payment has been authorized or not. This acknowledgement relates to your payment only and is not our Acceptance of your Order.

We have the right to refuse to accept your Order if in our sole discretion we consider it necessary. If that happens we will let you know as soon as we can. If we accept your Order, we will send you an Acceptance email promptly.

Other information about our terms and conditions.

We will not file the concluded Contract between us on line and you should therefore print out and retain copies of each element of the Contract.


You may cancel an Order that we have accepted or cancel the Contract only if the artwork has not been sent to print. If you do cancel then you will be subject to a 5% surcharge. Unless your order has been paid by cash.


We may update or change these Terms and Conditions from time to time without notice. So you must read them each time you place an Order with us through our Website.

0.9 We also reserve the right to make any changes without notice to and other information on our Website and the specifications of the Website in order to comply with any applicable legal or regulatory requirements, in the interests of good business practice, or to improve the design or functionality of our website.

Prices and payment of our products.

The prices payable for all our Products are calculated in Pounds Sterling. Please note, that the production only starts after the payment is received and you have confirmation email

The prices on our Website are inclusive of Value Added Tax ("VAT") and also include the costs of packaging and delivery within the Mainland UK (Where stated). Any bank charges incurred by us (if any), including, without limitation, bank charges for refunds (if any) shall be for your account. We will only make any refunds if you provide us with correct and functioning bank account and sort code details.

If you obtain a price quotation from our Website in respect of any Order, the price will remain valid for up to a period of 7 days provided that during this period the Order in respect of which the price quotation has been obtained remains unchanged and subject to our right to correct prices in accordance with Clause 0.9 of these Conditions.

We reserve the right at any time to increase the list prices of the Products and to change the range of Products available. We will endeavour to give you as much notice as we can of changes to the range and any increase in prices.

You will not be entitled to alter an Order after it has been accepted by us and sent to print. If you request any alterations to an Order accepted by us, we reserve our right to either reject such alterations, or if acceptable to us, to charge you for any additional work undertaken by us and any costs and expenses (including, without limitation, any machine down-time or extra time) incurred as a result of such alterations at our standard rate of £20 per hour excluding VAT (minimum chargeable period is 1 hour) or at such other rate or price then agreed with you in respect of the requested alteration. Any such agreement shall only be binding on us if expressly confirmed by us in writing.

You will be issued with standard rates charges set out on our Website for any samples, drafts, specimen and any changes of any data requested by you.

In the event of any large orders, or if we have reason to believe that you may be or become unable to fulfil your payment obligations to us, we might at any time before or after the conclusion of a Contract ask you for adequate payment in advance.

If you fail to make any payment (including any payment in advance requested by us) on the due date then, we have the right to cancel the Contract or suspend the production of Products and/or any design services and deliveries to you.



Ownership of Products and files

Final print remains owners of all designs, media, copy, photographs, information etc. that we produce. You will receive copies of the work once payment is made in the format of JPEG and PDF files.

If you require any specific files e.g. PSD files then additional charges will apply and vary depending on the time spent creating it. These files usually become very costly so please discuss this with us prior to starting any project.


We shall be entitled to cancel your Order and any Contract if:

(a) in our reasonable opinion the Product or any of its contents are of an illegal, offensive or libellous nature, or

(b) you order Products that become unavailable, in which case we are not obliged to provide substitute Products or substitute services but shall inform you of the unavailability, or

(c) you do not pay us the price due for the Products by the due date; or

(d) the Artwork does not comply with the Format Requirements (the terms “Artwork” is defined in clause *** of these Conditions and “Format Requirements” is defined in our Terms of Use / Customer Information) and you either fail under clause *** of these Conditions within a reasonable time after being requested by us by e-mail to submit suitable Artwork or to provide us with your instructions to proceed with your Order using the Artwork submitted by you.

You can not cancel once your order has been sent to print. If you do need to cancel or amend order you must give us sufficient notice as in some cases the order is in a que and can be paused if possible. To cancel an order once sent to print then charges will apply for setup costs at a minimum of 20% of the total cost of print. If you want to emend your work then you will only be subjected to design charges. Although if you alter your quantity, stock etc then you will be charged accordingly.

Flyer printing and printing in Manchester

Flyer Printing & Design, Brochure Design & Printing + Logo Design

Final Print graphic design and print services offer a fast, professional and creative solution for all of your design and printing needs. 

Established in 2004 and based in central Manchester, Final Print design studio provides a one-stop shop for everything from flyer printing and brochure printing to web design and sign making. If you need it designed or printed, we've got it covered.

We cover all over the UK from Manchester Central, North Manchester, Cheshire and Stockport to Leeds, Birmingham, London and surrounding areas. With our low cost delivery service we can delivery orders directly to you.

How does it work?

Final Print offers a 'front of house' service, which means that you can speak face-to-face with one of our highly trained graphic designers to ensure that you get great results that exceed expectations. We offer different packages depending on what you need, but each package lets us take your ideas and use them to create a complete and distinct corporate identity or brand image.

We have the skills and the resources to design and print anything that you might need to brand or advertise your business, and we've worked with a wide range of clients ranging from charities to corporate business clients - our designers thrive on new challenges and our diverse client list!

Our graphic designers work alongside you at all stages of the project, from undertaking detailed planning and research to get the right design and brand image for you, to making sure that your project stays within the agreed budget but meets all of your expectations. Final Print is there every step of the way.

Logo Design, Flyer Printing and Brochure Printing

We specialise in logo design and brochure design. As well as poster printing and flyer printing, but we also offer design and print work for:

Business stationery


Banner printing

Menu printing

Stickers & labels

Logo design & Graphic design

T-shirt printing and garment printing


Order of service printing

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